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Time can make you louder

10.10.2015, Comments Off, Old Age, by .

When people age, one of the things that often goes is their hearing. This happened to my grandmother who, always a loud woman anyway, became increasingly louder as her hearing loss worsened. After an embarrassing incident where she talked about family secrets in a voice so loud the whole restaurant could hear, that’s when we suggested she might want to look at Stockport hearing aids.

Of course, there was the expected denial, “There’s nothing wrong with my hearing”. When she couldn’t hear her favorite TV show without the volume so high the neighbors banged on the wall, we finally insisted she needed a hearing test. As expected it showed she’d lost more than 40 percent of her normal hearing ability, and a hearing aid would probably be her best bet.

She wears one now, all the time, which we’re all thankful of when we’re trying not to tell the whole world our family business.

Crazy day at the expo

10.02.2015, Comments Off, Marketing, by .

I grew up in the family pest control business. About eight years ago I had the opportunity of being named a managing partner after two of my uncles retired and it was only me and my father left to run the business. One of the first major projects I was given when I was named one of the partners was setting up our company booth at an annual industry expo that we attend each and every year.

I was well aware of how these things go. I have had the chance to attend this expo plenty of times over the years with the family. This year though I wanted to do something different. I wanted to give our booth a little pizazz. It had been nearly ten years since when we won an award for booth presentation and this year I was set out to change that.

On this occassion, I decided to use promo girls London. They were not scantily clad but did have an appealing casual dress attire. The great thing is that it worked. Not only were we able to get more patrons to our booth in a very long time, we were also able to win the best booth award again!

An Upcoming Event and Its Music

09.21.2015, Comments Off, Music, by .

There are many people who make the decision to hire a local Manchester wedding violinist for their own needs when having a wedding. Your own wedding is an enormous experience and day for you, so it is vital that you take the steps necessary to ensure that it is going to be a smash hit with everyone who might be coming to it. This is why you need great quality music for the entire thing.

There are a lot of people right now who are considering hiring a violin player for their wedding just because of the beauty of the music and the fact that it is an inexpensive way to get what they both need and want. This is why it might be time for you to consider hiring this professional and seeing what they are going to be able to do for you when you have them at the wedding.

Teacher Conferences

09.18.2015, Comments Off, Advertising, by .

I was pretty excited about the educational technology conference that I was attending earlier this year in Atlanta, Georgia. It brought together some of the nation’s foremost thinkers in the areas of instructional technology and e-learning. The conference speakers were great, the exhibition staff were informative, and it was a great time to share stories and swap trade secrets with others who were in the same field. Generally, I had a great time and learned many different things that I can take home and use in the next few months. One of the strengths of going to these sorts of conferences is that you always take home a few jewels that you can put right to use and that make your teaching or instructional implementation better or more powerful. One of my future goals is to learn more ways that I can engage students and colleagues in the instructional material through the power of the internet and social media platforms.

Coffee To Go, Please

09.05.2015, Comments Off, Senior Living, by .

My friend had found a wonderful companion through an online mature dating service. Since I had been divorced for over ten years, she encouraged me to try this method of meeting someone special. I had nothing to lose, it was a free service, and I filled out my profile. Most of the men’s profiles were very detailed concerning the type of woman they were looking for, and since I’m sure such women do not exist on this planet, I had to give them high marks for creativity.

I did meet with one gentleman at a coffee shop. I was shocked to find he looked nothing like his profile picture; he was at least six inches shorter than he stated; and I never knew men lied about their age, he had to be as old as my father. I guess their creativity extended to how they viewed themselves, too.

A Change in Direction

09.02.2015, Comments Off, Internet Marketing, by .

We had barely been married 3 months before tragedy struck. We had no backup plan. For 26 years my husband worked as a surgical tech before he was laid off. He knew no other type of work. Other work skills were foreign to him. He was older and the rules had changed in his field and experience seemed to not mean anything to those looking to hire. I told him he would have to learn a new skill. He was always on the computer building web pages for friends. He never thought about SEO Manchester as a Career. He went to our local college and signed up for classes. While in school he was able to find work within an administrative setting and then found work within the government His change in career was a good option.